Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight

Marianne Juber

Marianne Juber has been visiting Otis Library for more than 40 years. She remembers that as a Saint Joseph School student, she would walk downtown to the Library and be in awe of the abundance of books and resources. Later, she experienced this with her husband and three children, then as a teacher accompanying her students, and now with her five grandchildren.

Rows City Knitters

The Rows City Knitters are celebrating their 10-year knit-iversary!  Otis Library has served as home base for this “sit & knit” group for the past 10 years.  If you have ever visited the Library on a Friday morning around 10am, you’ve heard the laughter and have felt the energy of this special group of community knitters!                                                                              


Attorney Bart Sayet and Lori Lindfors

Bart and Lori have been connected to Otis Library since childhood. They visited Otis Library as kids, regularly took their children to the Library, and now share the library with their grandchildren. They love to read so much so that Lori is known to read a book a day when she is vacationing, and Bart shared that when was young driver, a neighbor called his parents to disclose that they saw Bart reading while driving!


Norwich Bookies

The “Norwich Bookies” have been meeting every month for as long as they can remember. The Norwich based book club has read more than 235 books. Through their shared love of reading, they have supported one another throughout every passage of life: milestone birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs, births, deaths, and illnesses. No matter what heavy heart or light heart they have shared, they always return to the book at hand, prepared and ready to discuss. It’s a friendship that started with a love of reading and is tended to each month.


Your generous gift, no matter what size, works together with other gifts to ensure that the Library is able to provide the materials, programs, and services that are needed to strengthen our community.  Please contact Andrea Kaiser, Director of Development, with questions or to discuss the impact of your donation.
(860) 889-2365 x127

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