Research Services

Research Services

Otis Library staff members can offer limited assistance with library searches, microfilm readers, computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers. All requests for information that exceed 15 minutes will be subject to the fee schedule below. Research fees are due in advance and will not be refunded if the requested information is not found.

Research Fees

Quick Lookup: Free
Searches that exceed 15 minutes: $10 for up
to 2 items; additional items $5 each

Delivery Fees

Digital File: Free
Hard Copies: 15¢ per page plus $1 packing
and postage fee.

Please direct all research requests to the Genealogy and Local History Department:

Phone: (860) 889-2395

Due to limited staff, library employees are not able to spend more than 2 hours per month conducting research for a parton. Requests that require lengthy or in-depth research will not be accepted

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