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Donor Spotlight

Marianne Juber

Marianne Juber has been visiting Otis Library for more than 40 years.  She remembers that as a Saint Joseph School student, she would walk downtown to the Library and be in awe of the abundance of books and resources.  Later, she experienced this with her husband and three children, then as a teacher accompanying her students, and now with her five grandchildren.  

As an educator, Marianne knows the Library’s impact on her students.  “Throughout the years, Otis has offered my students a safe place to work on both their strengths and weaknesses. Students have attended programs that have not only opened up their awareness to different topics, cultures, and traditions but the Library has also served as a space to develop their creativity, social skills and build relationships.”

Marianne feels that Otis Library provides a comfort zone for all.  “It’s a community space where everyone can learn and ask questions.  I’ve watched the staff provide programs, materials, resources, and internet access, all with a friendly face, welcoming spirit, and, most importantly, genuine respect. If the staff doesn’t know the answer, they will work to find it!”

When asked what she would want all patrons to know about Otis Library, Marianne shared, “I encourage everyone to visit Otis Library.  Yes, read the newsletters, visit the website, and follow the social media accounts but also visit the building! Wander through the stacks.  You have to see it. You have to experience it!  Additionally, consider supporting the Library. Don’t wait until the end of the year.  Give what you can, when you can.”


Your generous gift, no matter what size, works together with other gifts to ensure that the Library is able to provide the materials, programs, and services that are needed to strengthen our community.  Please contact Andrea Kaiser, Director of Development, with questions or to discuss the impact of your donation.

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