Evening With an Author

featuring Steve Gonsalves and Honoring Lottie B. Scott

Steve Gonsalves stands with his arms folded across his chest. He is wearing a black baseball cap and black hoodie. He peers into the camera pensively, a small smile on his face.
The 20th Anniversary of Evening With an Author was a resounding success! 
Thank you to everyone who came out to support Otis Library, honor Lottie B. Scott, and enjoy a fascinating keynote by Steve Gonsalves.
We would also like to thank our many sponsors, planning committee, and staff who worked hard to make this event possible.
Please scroll through the photos taken throughout the evening. These memories will last a lifetime…or more!

Honoring Lottie B. Scott

Lottie B. Scott smiles softly at someone off screen. She is wearing a black top with pearl earrings and a necklace. She looks elegant and dignified.

Otis Library is proud to honor long-time volunteer and Library supporter, Lottie B. Scott. Lottie has served on the Evening With an Author Steering Committee for the past two decades, and she is the only community member to attend all 20 signature author events.  Lottie B. Scott is a writer and author and for more than 60 years, an activist in civic and civil rights work. The Board of Trustees is thrilled to recognize her commitment to Norwich, eastern Connecticut, and Otis Library by naming the Library’s Children’s stage area, The Lottie B. Scott Cultural Corner. In addition, the Trustees will establish the Lottie B. Scott Society as part of its Annual Giving Program.  The Lottie B. Scott Society will honor Library supporters who make a recurring monthly gift to help shape every aspect of Otis Library.  A recurring monthly gift ensures that everyone in our community has the opportunity to grow, discover, and connect.

About the Author

Globally renowned paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves is the beloved star of the smash television hit Ghost Hunters. One of the world’s top paranormal investigators and a pioneer in the industry, Steve has explored more than 1,500 reportedly haunted locations, helping pave the way for a worldwide explosion in paranormal interest. In his debut book, A LIFE WITH GHOSTS: True, Terrifying, and insightful Tales from My Favorite Haunts written with Michael Aloisi, Steve presents a collection of paranormal experiences from some of his favorite haunted locations.

Norwich State Hospital Ghost Hunters Connection

Ghosts Hunters filmed episode 10 of season 6 at what is considered the country’s most elusive paranormal site, Norwich State Hospital. The TAPS team conducted research for this episode at Otis Library. Although Steve was not part of this episode, he is very familiar with Norwich State Hospital and will provide some insight.

About the Book

A LIFE WITH GHOSTS: True, Terrifying, and insightful Tales from My Favorite Haunts written with Michael Aloisi, Steve presents a collection of the most meaningful paranormal experiences from some of his favorite haunted locations. He not only offers the compelling history of each location, he recounts his terrifying experiences with disembodied voices, haunting EVPS, mysterious dark masses, and other unexplained phenomena. His beliefs and theories on the craft are told though heartwarming, hilarious and profound stories, reflecting the fun-loving personality that has garnered millions of fans.

This image is the dust jacket for "A Life with Ghosts." It has the title in a green font, the word ghosts is whispy as if written with smoke. Steve Gonsalves is on the cover, standing in front of a seemingly haunted house and a tree with no leaves.

Event Partners

Presenting Partner

Susan Grosdov –  In Loving Memory of Library Patron Brenda Grosdov

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Community Partner

Goldblatt and Bokoff, LLC

Lottie B. Scott

Maureen Sullivan and Jack Siggins

Storytime Partner

Carol Lahan

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Carol Lahan

Cathleen Special

Deana Eager and Ryan King

Halloran and Associates

Mary Ellen Jukoski and Matthew McLoughlin

Michael and Andrea Kaiser

Nancy Stuart and Ian Meyers

Patty and Ken Franco

Salvatore Tocco

Susan and Chuck Seeman

Ted Phillips

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